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Useful Avalanche Safety Information

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Hosting a Course

I have taught many courses specifically for small groups who have arranged their own class. There are many advantages to taking a class with a small group of people you recreate with in an area you frequent.

Choosing an Avalanche Course

Some helpful general information on selecting an avalanche course. This addresses factors to consider in general when you choose a level of course and a school or instructor thus, will therefore be beneficial for some ski hols and the like.. This has become a fairly popular page and has generated positive feedback from numerous places, including some unlikely ones.

Standard Courses


Information on my avalanche background - educational, experiential, and professional.

Other Services

I have a M.Sc. Degree in physics with an emphasis on snow and avalanches, and a B.Sc. Degree in engineering from one of the top engineering schools in the US. I also have specialized training in various areas such as hazard management for industry and transportation, terrain mapping, and engineering studies. If you are interested in more technical or specialized services or training contact me.

Photo Gallery!

The gallery has a page of thumbnails with comments as well as full pages with more details for each photo. The full pages have forward and back buttons for those who want to work their way through the gallery or a part of it.

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